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Brenda Momperousse is a New York-based makeup artist. With seasoned experience in the cosmetics and fashion industry, she first fell in love with brushes and color palates at a young age.
A graduate of the renowned institute of Makeup Designory, Brenda’s aesthetic and technique has captured the eye of several elite designers such as Claude Brown and Eduarda Salmi Pereira. She has also worked with Christo Salon during prominent New York City fashion shows, which have included Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and Russell Simmons Argyle Culture Fashion Show.
As a makeup and men’s grooming specialist, her clean and trendsetting looks have been featured inside the pages of Fitness, Sweet Paul, DISfunkshion, Laundry and Open Lab magazines. Most recently, she collaborated with Australian pop-R&B newcomer Cody Simpson for a special feature for M magazine.
In addition to her editorial work, Brenda’s wide range of expertise in the beauty industry has extended onto television and film sets. As the lead hair and makeup designer, she created looks for the short historic-drama Cold April (2010) and was appointed head stylist for a Mari Winsor Pilates segment for WPIX television.
Aside from showcasing her precision and poised demeanor, Brenda brings her vibrant personality and creative flair to her work. Her brand of beauty is transcendent and evident in her innate ability to complement haute couture to conceptual-editorial styles. While polished-natural looks are her signature, she can also incorporate the theatricality of dramatic aesthetics to any subject’s facial canvas.
With influences ranging from Pat McGrath to Dick Page, Brenda has cultivated a style all her own. By enhancing or transforming inherit features; she has managed to always stay true to her vision while serving the client at hand.